and soar to a better future
aki – minor. he / him. se asian.

slytherin. chaotic neutral. xnfp. 5w6.

hero enthusiast


ask for my ids!

  • tweet heavy? with occasional livetweets (mostly toku related)
  • i tend to misspell things and may even forget words entirely,
    do bare with me if some of my tweets don't sound right
  • don't mute me, just unfollow or soft/block
  • i try my best to interact with all my mutuals by liking and
    replying but keep in mind i can't like every tweets i see
    and i'd also appriciate it if you could do the same for me
  • don't follow me if you support trump or even joke about it
  • please warn for mass shooting & self harm mentions and images

  • tokusatsu (+)
  • mobages: ensemble stars, yumeiro cast, & idolm@ster
  • franchises: pokemon, gundam, & shin megami tensei / persona
  • misc: astronomy, indie rpgs, & power rangers